About Us

We design Solutions to deliver the best Digital Experience!

LiquidIT provides Online IT Support to individuals, startups and small enterprises.

We deliver full stack of IT Services seamlessly to our clients, remotely over the internet. Additionally, we provide consultation to our esteemed clients about optimally digitizing their home, home offices, enterprises or ventures for a maximum Return of Investment (RoI) from their existing IT infrastructure. We design innovative mix of digital technologies to solve our client’s problems and use our deep competencies in the IT support space to deliver sustainable solutions to our client’s IT related issues. In other words, LiquidIT delivers services (mostly remotely) that transcend the traditional notion of IT Support provided by many Brick-and-Mortar IT Support companies.

Our solutions are like LIQUID – shaping up perfectly in your problem space.

We do more than just solving/addressing your specific IT related issues, we design durable solutions to your concerns so that your overall experience is improved through higher efficiency and productivity.